I need a magic 8 ball, I can’t make decisions worth shit…

I just got really depressed cos I seen a picture of pearl earrings and realized I’d never get to wear them…ever, but then I remembered I love my ears, they’re beautiful!

I have come to the conclusion that I have the shittiest friends. Friendships take two people and my “friends” have been slacking sooo I give up on all of them. I honestly don’t give a fuck anymore :)

some people need to learn how to be more independent!

what pisses me off more tho is that I’d never do what you did to me, EVER!
right shady.

Ugh, I give up on people.

Friends suck.
I need a boyfriend, he would have to hangout with me on weekends right?


LOL sorry bro but you think your outlook on me fucking matters? Yeah, think about that again!


special shoutouts to the friends I think are there for me but talk shit  ✌(◠‿◠)

Just give me some tacos and kool-aid and I’m good! I’m content! 

watching Transformers. Ugh Megan Fox is flawless…I’d go lesbian for her any day!!